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The Hunter Engineering Company is the world leader in Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing and Tyre Changing. The Hunter HawkEye Elite Wheel Alignment we use is the world’s fastest Wheel Aligner. It blends speed with precision and accuracy to ensure that there are no compromises on the wheel alignment done on your car. The Hunter HawkEye Elite also uses special wheel adopters to ensure that there is no scratch on your car’s alloy wheels.


We also use a special software to ensure a straight steering wheel after alignment. The Hunter Camera based Wheel Alignment system is capable of aligning all cars, starting from the humble but ubiquitous Maruti 800 to a Mercedes Benz S Class or a Ferrari 488 GTB. Wheel Alignment is the process of setting certain suspension angles to the OEM specification. These angles, like Toe, Caster and Camber can change over a period of time. Regular Wheel Alignment identifies mis-alignment and resets the angles to OEM specs.


Before we understand what Road force Balancing is about; we need to understand what wheel balancing is. Wheel Balancing is a process of measuring the imbalance of the tyre and wheel assembly and correcting it by adding weights directly opposite the heaviest point on the assembly. This eliminates only part of the vibration problems.


In today’s modern cars, road force variation can also cause vibration which can cause excessive wear and tear of suspension components and in extreme cases can be felt while driving as well. Hunter’s Road Force Balancer, has a load roller which applies a load on the tyre simulating the real world road condition and can help diagnose problems with either the tyre or the wheel. It helps diagnose issues faster and without the need to follow a trial and error method.


The Hunter Road Force Balancer also checks the lateral(side to side) pulling of the tyres and recommends the best possible locations for the set of 4 tyres. This eliminates another major problem with Wheel Balancing and Wheel Alignment as many times, the car pulls to one side due to the tyres. To eliminate this problem, tthe only solution is to try different positions for the set of 4 tyres to find the best possible setting. The Hunter Road Force Balancer ensures that a lot of time is saved and no trial and error is required.



Tyre Changing is seen as a very basic, simple job. However, with today’s cars, alloy wheels and low profile tyres, it is not!


If the fitment of the tyre isn’t done properly, it can lead to tyre damage, alloy wheel damage and in extreme cases tyre failure due to the bead not being seated properly. Hunter Revolution Tyre Changer is the world’s most advanced tyre changer and it is the highlight of our store in Wilson Garden, Bangalore. We also have a Hunter TCX 57 which complements the Revolution perfectly. 


We use special tyre changers which have soft plastic tools to ensure there are no scratches on Alloy Wheels. Many tyre shops use soap water to lubricate the tyre and rim during installation and this corrodes the wheel.


We use a special tyre paste that is imported from Germany to ensure smooth fitting of the tyre without damaging the tyre or the rim.


Our Nitrogen machine produces 95% pure Nitrogen to fill your tyres. Normal air is 78% Nitrogen. The remaining 22% is made up of mainly oxygen and trace amounts of carbon dioxide, water vapour and other gases.


Oxygen and water vapour can cause rusting of the rim. Also, normal air expands with increase in heat. So running a car for extended periods of time can cause the tyre pressure to increase. In some cases this can be dangerous. 


Nitrogen eliminates this problem. There is a negligible increase in tyre pressure with Nitrogen. Nitrogen molecules are also bigger than Oxygen molecules and this leads to one of the best advantages of Nitrogen inflation – longer gaps between topping up and checking air pressure.



The car’s AC system has a refrigerant called R-134a which circulates inside the system and plays a primary role in chilling the outside air which is blown through the AC vents


Over a period of time, the quantity of this refrigerant can reduce in the AC system. Our Texa AC Recharging systems sucks out whatever is left of the refrigerant, recycles it, checks for leaks and then refills the correct quantity of the AC refrigerant back into the AC system.


Wheel Balancing is very common and popular for car tyres. However, with the increase in the number of higher end bikes manufactured by companies like KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Benelli and many more, wheel balancing for bikes is going to become an important service. 


As the tyres for such bikes are wider than the typical tyre on a 100-200cc bike, any imbalance in the tyre gets magnified and can lead to vibrations. These vibrations can further cause handling problems, suspension wear and tear and rider fatigue. 


Madhus is the first in India to have a Two-Wheeler Computerised Wheel Balancer

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